Albert Yi-Fu Chen  

(Ph.D. Fine Art in Sculpture,practice-based and theory)

My current sculpture creation is based on the notion of "duality" and "impermanence".  The idea of duality is abundant in life - black and white, big and small, man and women.  In our state of mind, duality affects significantly how we perceive the world.  The Ying and Yang of the Taoist is among the most prominent.

The interchange of duality manifests the idea of "impermanence".  Duality is a state of being and impermanence is flow of movement.  This has been proven in quantum theory.  With each passing of time, all existent matter is changing from one dualist state to the other.  With this fundamental understanding of our existence comes many possibilities for creativity.  For instance, the duality of inner and outer space.  I use space in an imaginary manner that signifies the inner working of our mind.

I chose the human figure as such an entity that manifests many notions of dualism and impermanence.  The human body can be seen as a model of matter-energy conversion and impermanence illustrates the time, and changes of the body.  Further, the workings of mind are based on the same principal but with higher complexity.  The mind is full of abstract and dualist thing.  Hence, the human form with this new age of understanding goes far beyond the mere representation.  For me, the body itself has become an under-discovered universe of its own.  A simple 'mind and body' duality can become a seed of cration....limitless.


(純藝術博士 雕塑理論與創作)

這次作品的主題主要環繞在兩極與無常的觀念上.  兩極的概念是充斥於我們的生活中, 例如黑與白, 大與小, 有與無.  我們的世界有數不清的兩極(維)的思考模式.  兩極化的思維在中國是根深蒂固的.  道家的陰陽, 便是其中的翹楚.  而陰陽的延伸就是世界萬物的ㄧ切.  雕塑在形態上是3D的立體藝術, 而雕塑的基本形態上是有內、外空間的兩極現象.  我想運用的是物體的外部加上冥想(內部)的空間, 所以決定挑戰如何運用雕塑內、外空間表達無常的觀念.

兩極的交戶流轉就是無常的表現, 區別在於兩極是靜態, 無常是動態. 無常是人類玄學中一個很重要的論點, 而且也受到西方科學的驗證, 一秒前後對物的本質是有很大的改變, 宇宙萬物一直在變化輪轉當中, 因而"物"非永恆的. 

人體就是"物能"轉化的綜合體, 因而我藉由人體的創作為出發點來導入經由無常的作用下會因時空流轉而產生變化與留下跡痕. 人體的表現是寫實, 但人的精神與思維是抽象.  因此在寫實世界與抽象空間相互激盪下而表達 2010-2013 系列創作的主題兩極與無常.


Albert Yi-Fu Chen


2014 Solo Exhibition "Duality of Morphosis"

05/04/2014 22:05
FAWN Gallery (13th - 26th June 2014)


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